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We both knew I was leaving on an early flight, so the night couldn’t get too crazy. Next thing you know, I rummaging through my limiting suitcase that I had already gotten tired of opening, searching for something decent that wasn’t ripped, stained, or ugly to wear on this date.

I grabbed my one always-reliable-black shirt, put on janky heels I saved for this situation exactly, and clicked out of the hostel with Damon by my side.

After the first three days of recharging after Kenya – and just getting my stomach back to a humane state, we decided we would film videos in Athens. We did a Damon and Jo original and packed our bags for the day, slung our camera around our arms, and headed out to see what was happening in the city.

Even if nothing was happening, somehow we make things happen and a video comes out of it for you to laugh along with us.

While he probably would’ve loved going on the date with me, he got more excited about his evening, which included Netflix, comfy hostel bed, and chocolate milk for one.

Usually, I’m the excited one to stay in and chill alone, but tonight the tables had turned.

To my defense, there was a three second stare situation that happened, I was obviously shook, giddy, but never stopped my motion. As we walked away, I flirtatiously smiled – more for the story and hilariousness of flirting since it had been so long for me.Thick and adorable accent, the shy and giddy energy on both sides, it was too perfect.We exchanged instagrams, and I pulled the classic ‘leave the number on the receipt’ in hopes he’d reach out to make plans on my last night in Athens.That morning where you’re single, you’re refreshed, you’re in bed alone, and you wouldn’t want it any other way.That’s what took me on this adventure to Greece, everything else was an added bonus.

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