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Once you start a conversation with him he will brighten up the room with fun stories and lively debate.The Cancer zodiac guy enjoys good conversation, he just isn’t as bold or brash as other men.Although he is everyone’s friend and may patiently listen to people for hours together, he may not speak out his mind or express his emotions easily.

He prefers a quiet evening alone with you to a night out on the town, so offer to cook dinner or bring over a movie to watch. If they care, then they tend to show it fairly obviously and readily.You agree to walk by his side or two steps behind him; in return, he will valiantly shield you from paparazzi, street urchins, and other interested men.The Cancer man knows exactly how to a take a woman into his Crabby grip and keep her there forever.The possessive Cancer man wants ownership, and he’s come to claim you.You will get a share of revenue and royalties, while he retains creative control, managerial rights and at least 51% of the partnership.

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