Dating a broke man

He wants us to know that he feels better alone and that he needs some time to arrange things in his head. I am not saying it will be easy, but at least you will know that one man was depending on you and that you saved him from the demons inside him. And he would appreciate it so much if you could be his biggest support in his life journey. That only means that a man like that went through more things than the others.

And what you need to do in this situation is to let him go. Let’s face it—he just met you, and he thinks you are the same as the others. And what he craves the most is a woman who will show him that after it all, he can be the old him—the UNBREAKABLE ONE!

It can be child abuse, losing parents, or having difficulties getting over cheating.

All those things made scars on his heart, and he is struggling to get over it.

Of course he will be depressed—someone hurt him, and now he needs to recover from that. You just need to be patient, and things will work in your favor, and in his, of course.

Taking alcohol is a good way to shake the stress away. He spent so many sleepless nights with a bottle of Jack in his hands thinking of people who hurt him, thinking about the woman who left him.

It is up to you if you want to stick to a man like this. We are all social human beings and the fact is that we can’t function without people in our lives. Go step by step to show him that after all, life can be beautiful. A sign of a broken man is that he will rather choose to be alone than in a crowd of people.

You can forget about him going an extra mile to make you happy. So, don’t do stupid things and don’t fuck up all up. Maybe the two of you have a lot in common, but you just need to find it out.

He has been hurt, and the only person he wants to see happy is actually him. If you care enough for him, show him that life is not a bitch.

For some reason your man thinks that he is not good enough for you. He will even want to let you go to find a better man than him. He doesn’t think his life is valuable, and he doesn’t have any self-esteem. Tell him that you need him and that his past life is not as meaningful as he thinks.

With a loved one, it is easier to cope with life problems.

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