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I was curious what drove Craig to so publicly air his problems finding a match, and arranged a (platonic) dinner with him at Mintwood Place.The restaurant is in Adams Morgan, a popular neighborhood with 20- and 30-somethings for its many bars and places to eat. I arrived a few minutes before Craig and took the chance to familiarize myself with the venue, somewhere I’d never eaten before.

WASHINGTON, DC APRIL 23, 2015 STRANGER: Craig Schattner LOCATION: Mintwood Place, 1813 Columbia Road NW, Washington, DC THEME: A platonic dinner to discuss dating in the District Craig Schattner has been on almost 100 dates in four years, and he’s still single. Those are questions he’s trying to answer with Dated, a self-produced video series in which he interviews DC residents about the highs and lows of trying to find love in the city.

Craig said that if I asked his friends what’s causing his dating problems, they’d tell me that he thinks he’s ready to date even though he’s not.

He disputes that, saying instead that he prefers the line another friend said: He’s ready, but only for the right person.

After standing up for a hello and a handshake, we both sat down. Craig has a naturally inquisitive yet friendly manner, which meant that for the first few minutes he was the one doing all the questioning.

If an early test on a date is showing interest in your companion, he passed with flying colors.

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