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Kyla's best friend Tonya had noticed Kyla becoming more and more self-righteous, and began to feel the need to do something, to put Kyla in her place. She was about the same height as Kyla, with should length dark hair, with blonde highlights.Unlike Kyla, Tonya had very large, full breasts, and was much less of a prude.The wedding went off, without a hitch, then the wedding partied went outside for pictures.The entire time, Kyla was bossy and condescending to her bridesmaids, groomsmen, and even the cameraman.During the wedding, Tonya could not keep from smiling.While it appeared she was just happy for her friend, in reality, she was excited for what was about to develop that evening.

"You know, you really deserve to get laid on your wedding night, even if it's not with her," Tonya stated, while smiling at Dave seductively.

Everything went off as expected, until guests began to filter out.

Tonya had decided to wait until the bride's parents to leave, as the cue for her to input her devious plan.

Dave and Kyla made their way up the elevator, and towards the room.

Ever the gentleman, Dave lifted up Kyla, and carried her into the hotel room; however by the time he got inside to the room, Kyla was completely out cold.

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