Collecting vintage postcards dating wynonna judd dating history

Please remember that age counts usually, the earlier the better and so does condition.

Many accumulations sat in people's parlors and were used for entertainment in those days before TV and computers.

Usually, the collector took steps to preserve his or her collection by placing them in albums or protective coverings.

Let's say that if your original collector sought out cards about the sinking of the Titanic, or pre-Holocaust European synagogues or the work of a favored artist associated with the Art Nouveaux movement like Mela Koehler and A.

On the other hand, cards that were avidly collected were gathered according to one or several themes or topics.

In this case, the original collector went out and sought or traded for specific kinds of postcards.

There might be a few valuable cards among these but most of the time, unless they were all accumulated in the years before World War I, they are likely to be cards with low market value.The percentage you will be offered will be higher when the card is more valuable because their risk is lower when they feel they can turn the card around quickly.Before discussing postcards with dealers, get to know several of them and find out about their specialties.Okay, you're really interested in selling the postcards, not keeping any or most of them.Here you have to become aware, first, of the distinction between the buying, or wholesale, price and the selling, or retail, price.

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