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Another of the biggest reasons Christians recommend a short relationship is the reality of a couple wanting to have sex with each other.

The human sex drive can be strong enough when considering a complete stranger.

Afterward, they quickly discovered challenging issues in their marriage.

My friend speculated that if they’d waited longer and worked on those issues before marrying it might have made the process much easier. It only means they may have had an easier time of resolving issues if they’d taken time to do it before introducing the added complexity of married life.

In response, many Christians counsel couples to marry quickly so they have place for biblical sexual expression. Even the Apostle Paul encouraged the Corinthian believers to marry in order to have a place to find godly sexual satisfaction and thereby avoid sexual immorality (1 Cor. For couples facing the especially strong temptation to have sex with each other, the decision to marry quickly can be wise.

But now let’s turn the tables and explore a couple of the biggest reasons why Christians might counsel a couple to take their time in getting married.

I once talked with a friend of mine about how he and his wife felt a strong desire to get married as they pursued their relationship.

In light of their strong feelings, they decided to pull the trigger on marrying.

Especially for individuals who are younger or have less experience with romantic relationships, it may be all the more important to allow more time to develop a sound foundation of relational experience.

One result is the idea that a couple needs to fish or cut bait when it comes to marrying.

The thought is that a couple should either determine they want to marry and promptly do so or determine they won’t marry and promptly break up.

Add on top of that the powerful force of the emotional attraction that binds a couple and you typically get a recipe for a strong desire between a couple to have sex.

The longer a relationship lasts, typically the stronger this sexual desire becomes.

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