Children dating during divorce

Certainly, a new love interest who poses a danger to the kids complicates your case.

Dating a registered sex offender or someone who has a recent criminal record puts you at a disadvantage when seeking a fair custody order.

It sometimes occurs that living with a new lover is the answer to logistical problems in a divorce.

In some divorces, a spouse has nowhere to live than to the home of a now boyfriend or girlfriend.

Dating during the divorce brings a new person into the lives of the children.

The courts don’t take this concept lightly when determining custody.

The courts recognize that new boyfriends or girlfriends are a reality in many cases.

Understand that bringing the kids around your love interest can damage your case.

Before any property issues or financial arguments, the safety and welfare of the children gets addressed.

The court must consider the safety of the kids, as well as their emotional development when ordering custody.

If the court sees your new love interest as a serious threat to your kids, things could get worse.

Your fitness as a parent comes into question when you choose to bring your kids around a dangerous person.

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