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We use up about every ounce of creativity and romance we have during those first few weeks to win you over.

So, please: Tell your best friend everything but what's going on in our relationship.

" imply a conversation that we will probably want no part of.4."I beat you again!

'' Yeah, sure; let's play "rip the ego off your male friend." And it's not losing to a girl that most guys have a problem with.

Call it courtship, call it scamming, call it whatever; just be sure to call it temporary because there's no way we can keep it going for the life of our relationship.

If you simply must say something, break it to us gently.7.

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We have to act like Romeo to win your heart, but once we start feeling a little more secure that you'll like us for who we are (and not for what we bring you), we let our guard down.

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  1. I get asked that question all the time, in reference to physical boundaries when dating. The world’s so-called wisdom would typically say that “it depends.” That’s not very helpful.