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Shannon and Lisa went for coffee and parted ways at .

Shannon took a cab instead of the subway as usual due to the cold weather.

Jason Connor is more sympathetic, having spent time with Barry and met Shannon.

TARU gets a dump on Shannon's phone on a call from a blocked number that Shannon got at after she and Aidan parted from the taxi a block from his apartment that sent her back to school.

Benson and Stabler learn that Shannon's father, Barry Coyle, is overseas on a business trip, so they interview Shannon's mother and brother, Susan and Brian.

When they come to question her, Susan and Brian have suddenly disappeared, telling a neighbor they were leaving for Pennsylvania in order to hold Shannon's funeral. After Brian's DNA is not a match to the fetus's, Warner realizes there must be one other option and it's that the fetus has a double grandparent, meaning that the Shannon and the father must share a parent: Jason Connor.

What's unexpected is that Shannnon appeared to have had sex before she had died.

While there is no sign of genital trauma, there is the possibility her killer knocked her unconscious before raping her.

Cragen is curious to know why both parents didn't want Aidan and Shannon dating and sends Elliot and Olivia to investigate the Connors.

While Debra Connor had nothing personal against Shannon, she assumed that Susan Coyle thought she was better than her due to her always making excuses for her husband being away in order to avoid spending time with her and Jason.

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Olivia figures that Aidan found out Shannon was pregnant and since he used a condom whenever they had sex, Aidan must have thought Shannon was cheating on him.

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