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Dating individuals who cannot live without reading books might pose a slight challenge at first.Bookworms, also known as bibliophiles, tend to spend as much time as they can with their books.I have been called a serial first dater so many times.Dating for me is like one of those things that I need to tick off on my yearly to do list, like: travel ✔️try a new workout ✔️lose a few kilos ✔️ go on a date ✔️✔️ As I always explain when people ask me why I’m single, I don’t necessarily feel like I’m somehow less just because I’m not one half of a couple.Your partner probably possesses their own card, but you can surprise them by bringing them there on a Saturday afternoon and spending the rest of the day there instead of watching a movie or dining out.You don’t even have to feign enthusiasm for the same books.

When you have gotten the information, get your own pass.

A bookworm loves museums, art galleries and exhibits.

You will never find a person who loves to read that does not want to enter these kinds of places.

Here are some of the thoughts that inevitably run through my head on a first date: And depending on how well number 16 went…. The one thing I don’t want is to feel pressured to settle just because society dictates that women have to be married at a certain age. The kind of love we’re all looking for is worth the effort, the wait and the endless first dates.

Missed dates, post-series sob sessions, and long philosophical talks about fictional characters.

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An added touch will be to know their favorite drink before visiting the place so you can also order it for them.

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