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In any case, the burden was not on him to prove he wasn’t.

However, he's trying to normalize pedophilia in males and hey since it turns out it wasn't a real child no foul.

I’m on my way home from Denver, where I testified as an expert witness at a deeply troubling trial—a trial that has become way too common in America. Jones”, goes into a Yahoo adult chatroom, and makes it clear he wants to have conversations about sexually dominating a young person.

A person responds—let’s call her “Missy”—who says she’s a teen who would gladly chat with a wiser, older man about the ins and outs of sexual things. Jones” proceed to exchange hundreds and hundreds of emails, texts, and phone calls, which range from incredibly boring to graphically sexual.

Why would there be more fury if the fake teenager was male and the target female?

When adults actually do seek sex with teens, isn’t society usually more outraged by men chasing teen girls than by women chasing teen boys?

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