Are there laws in georgia against adults and minors dating xiah junsu and taeyeon dating

One can be physically incapacitated yet retain full mental competence.On the other hand, one might be mentally incapacitated but be physically quite fit and well.Is the formal appointment of a guardian or conservator by the Probate Court necessary to care for or conduct the affairs of an adult who has become incapacitated?The answer to this very important question depends on the circumstances of each individual case.Proper preparation of the alternatives reviewed in this pamphlet may require the services of an attorney experienced in this field.

A competent adult may also create an inter vivos, or "living" trust, which provides for the handling of all or certain financial affairs by a designated trustee over property transferred into the trust.

If no one authorized by such law is available or if all who are available waive the authority to consent or dissent, one may file a petition in the probate court seeking an order solely authorizing such discharge, transfer or admission.

The order shall be limited in time to those purposes and does not result in the appointment of a guardian.

Often, guardianship is not required for placement of an adult in a personal care home, assisted living facility, or nursing home as long as the resident is either cooperative or incapable of objecting.

A competent adult has the right to determine his own residence, and a facility is without authority to restrain an adult absent consent, unless the authority to determine residence has been placed in another (a guardian.) At times, it may be difficult to gauge whether a new resident will ultimately "object," since they may be resistant at first but may adjust after a period and voluntarily remain resident.

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