Are beards intimidating to women

I can't focus on anything but that lush, splendorous rainforest of virility. Uh, so yeah, beards are awesome for those who can grow them. I begin to stammer, pearls of cold sweat start forming. "You are nothing", the voice keeps repeating in my head.

While the surfeit of attention paid in recent years to a seeming bearded resurgence headed up by the world's hipsters, athletes, and celebrities might lead one to believe that we're living through one of the seismic facial hair realignments Oldstone-Moore identifies, we're not quite there yet.Not intimidated in any way, just really, really envious.And then, I start developing serious social anxiety, because I know I'm no longer the alpha male in the room.Or even more precisely, it's attempting to redefine manliness in a different way than the previous era did.One of the things I say is that shaving is actually the norm and it's preeminent throughout the history of western civilization since Alexander, so that's why it makes sense to talk about beard movements, because there are particular times in history when men have decided collectively to throw off that norm of shaving and adopt a different approach to expressing manliness.

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