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Besides the application form, you must mail: Use the voter registration form.Cheques in your old name If you receive a cheque made out to your previous name, most banks will let you cash it as long as you present it with documentation proving you used to hold that name.Present this document to all relevant government authorities and financial institutions as you would a marriage certificate.If you do not want to send your original marriage certificate, you must send a certified copy.That requires some additional documentation: I would like to be able to use the passport everywhere.Aside from planning the wedding itself, you'll have to invest some time in updating your various accounts and forms of ID to reflect your new married name.Similarly, it shouldn't clogged you a bright to facilitate makes, doctors, dentists, employers, algorithms, finest, HMRC, coco companies, TV native, strength councils, Pay Pal, positive companies, capture card schemes and the public if you have a sufficient record.

To change your surname to your spouse or civil partner's surname or to double-barrel your joint surnames on your passport or driving licence you need to fill in the relevant forms requesting the change and present your marriage certificate.

Financial institutions, such as banks and building societies — should also accept your marriage certificate as proof you have taken your partner's surname if you are a married woman or civil partner.

Alternatively, you can change your name by deed poll and present this document instead.

Each product was created based on feedback he received from the market telling him what they wanted.

This formula has served Eben well, as well as his likeable nature and ability to teach other people in an easy to understand, step by step, way.

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Here's how to avoid the pitfalls and keep costs down: I am unsure if I need the new passport book and card, the card, or just the book as listed in the fees chart?

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