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It dawned on me (like a brick falling out of the sky and landing directly on my head) that being vulnerable can be rewarding. He was probably thinking that he would scare that awful litterbug and make her never toss a piece of trash out the window again. I like the way that men take up space with their bodies.Up until now I have kept my online presense more or less hiding behind my fiction. He was certainly not thinking that the young lady in front of him needed to be spanked by a protective but caring authority figure so she would learn to make better choices... Women tend to draw themselves up, pull themselves in.If you'd enjoy my ramblings, I hope you will stay awhile ... I'm here to tell you that Something Really Bad happened to me recently, and I have changed a great deal. I can't just spill that to someone, even a fellow spanko. He looked straight into (the reflection of) my eyes and pulled out a police badge which he placed against his windshield.I'm taking to my blog because I need an outlet, and this is both intensely personal and at the same time more or less anonymous... The Something Bad has made me rethink life in general and my own life in particular. I'm sure that police officer was not trying to turn me on. If we're out together, posessively take my hand and lead me.

While erotic ageplay as a foreplay is considered part of "mainstream" sexuality, longer and more serious forms are considered "kinky".Though some ageplayers are more into the care and comfort associated with their play age, and submit to spankings and other such punishments much the same way someone of their play age would, and are more concerned with being a good boy/girl to receive the positive attention.Whereas at the other end of the spectrum, other ageplayers, in particular those that are also brats, crave the disciplinary attentions.Not all ageplay stories involve sex and spanking, but mine do. An adult pretending to be a child is very different from a real child. Many people are quickly squicked by that type of thing and may even be rather judgemental toward my precious "little" characters regarding their wants and needs. I'm not sure how I managed to keep control of the car.Domestic discipline is when two adults have a relationship that involves discipline. That makes me think you are in favor of nutjob EEE-vangelicals being beaten because they think God wants it that way. I sometimes write what the Real World would certain consider rape or spousal abuse. We stopped for a red light, and I glanced at him in the mirror again.

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  1. You basically sit through two hours of torture watching some crappy movie about god-knows-what, and when it finally ends and the lights turn on, you’ve virtually spent two boring and awkward-filled hours with a complete stranger! And oh yeah, take all of this advice about not going to the movies, and times it by 10 when it comes to dinner dates! Unless you are older than 50, take her someplace fun like Dave and Buster’s, karaoking, mini-golfing, a fair, a park, dancing, an event, even go kart racing.