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We saw each other a few more times, but for me it was over then and there.40 yo. Remarkably, the most interesting fellow I've met recently, and we had a lot of interests in common, was 22 yo. Maturity, experience and worldly success are pretty freakin' desirable.

Although it IS rare to find common ground with younger men, one thing I like about them is that they don't come with the baggage of dashed hopes and cynicism that so many men of my age have. And most 19 to 25 year, while cute, just aren't in the same place I am emotionally, financially, etc. Nothing's a bigger turn off than a hot guy who asks to borrow money.r34, I'm 47 too.

THat said, I'd have meaningless sex with guys 23-55. Just's interesting, we are all anonymous on this thread and yet I don't see a huge skewing toward youth.

I understand when guys in their early 20s think 40 is old but what cracks me up are guys who are 36 who wouldn't date someone in their early 40s. There are so many accusations leveled toward gays in general about that, i.e., "44 seeks 18-30."Either those accusations don't really hold up in actual practice, or DL is not representative of gay men at large. (imho)I think that if there is a presumption, reality suggests it should be more along the lines of "20 year old pursues 40 year old, WHO SHOULD BE OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER but can't resist a hot 20 year old."I just got hit on at a video store last night. I rejoined a line at the counter until he waited on me. I think if you set limits such as age, you can miss out on some really great guys just because you've locked yourself into a number. There are some fugly 18 yr olds and some gorgeous 50 yr olds.

No one under 26 except for sex (which of course would be fun)--but no dating. I find it really difficult to connect emotionally with guys that much younger, though. Before I started this relationship (12 years ago) I was set up by a friend who knew me pretty well. I just trusted that she understood my priorities and tastes.

Age is just a number but I figure I should be within plus/minus 10 years of my age as a general rule. I can't put my finger on it (or in it) but just feels right to me. But I admit I am more tolerant of the younger range for physical reasons.

If I dated anyone older, he'd have to be really, really hot. I've had friends that were younger than me, and yes, there are times where it's strange to realize that they weren't alive when something in particular happened, but it turns out that what is really important is having similar interests.

Let's say for convenience' sake that I'd go back or ahead ten years, with exceptions made for the exceptional. It's not so important to both have seen Star Wars in its original run in theaters. I was having a nice enough fourth or fifth dinner date with a younger man I'd actually slept with a couple of times.

This dude was very attractive and not at all gay acting (Although I instantly focused on him the moment I entered the store)... I have to laugh at men who are 40 who state that they'll only date younger people - beggars can't be choosers.55, look 52 or 53.

I suppose years of picking up guys has honed my Gaydar skills. Really, as long as they're legal, not hideous, intelligent, have a decent sense of humor, and don't say "sides" for "side orders" or "I'll have a wine" when they want a glass of wine, well...

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The guys who believe they have something in common with guys 20 or 30 years younger without realizing that that is a comment about their own emotional and mental development, not the maturity of the younger guys.

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