Adult asperger s syndrome dating other aspies

Maybe someone does quite well at work because s/he is extremely bright and well-suited to the job.For example, an employee on the Autism Spectrum may be successful because the work environment does not overload the person’s senses or require multi-tasking, or because the social contact on the job is minimal or highly structured, with clear expectations, or because the people at work are supportive, accommodating, or have similar/compatible personalities.Many adults with Asperger profiles appear to have very high levels of functioning—but what does that actually mean?It can mean that one functions very well in some arenas and not well in others.It is depressing when there is no obvious place in the world where you belong; when everyone else seems to know the rules by heart and you were never given the manual.The repeated trials and failures to make friends, work, live independently, manage your own affairs and even succeed in therapy are constant reminders of being “less than”; it should come as no surprise that these experiences so often lead to depression.There can be genuine co-morbidity (dual or multiple diagnoses simultaneously), but many symptoms can be explained by AS.

Through observation and trial and error (after error), they managed to survive into adulthood.Many adults with Asperger profiles operate from a baseline of anxiety.Faced with the additional anxieties that come from living in an unpredictable world, an adult with this profile can look pretty good in one setting and fall apart in another.When you lack the intuitive ability to generalize, every time you go out the front door is a new challenge.More or less neurotypical people do not have to be thinking constantly just to function somewhat comfortably in the world.

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We have developed a comprehensive array of services and programs to meet the needs of adults and their families, including—but not limited to—telephone and face-to-face supports for adults and their families, social activities in multiple locations, discussion/support groups for adults, in-person and online support groups for parents of adults, book readings, and internships in the AANE office.

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