A serious dating site without scammer

This isn’t to say every photo of a handsome young man is lime, but online dating scammers tend to target divorced women, often older women.

You can always try to bring that person down in a manner of a game.

Send a selfie and ask for an exchange right at the moment.

You may also upload a photo into Google’s image search and see if it shows up somewhere else (a stock photo storage, for instance).

Be sure if the story someone tells doesn’t match the location or information in his profile, it is probably one of those rascals.

Remember to never reveal your financial situation to someone you’ve just met on an online dating site or app. Well, it may seem like common sense to keep your information to yourself, but scammers are almost always quite convincing.

If someone asks you to help pay for flight transfer so he can come meet you, it may be alluring to hand your information over. Asking for money to visit you is a standard story used by many online scammers.

He sends messages full of love and touching words, as if the citations were copy-pasted out of a romantic novel.

You may be unaware of how frequently fake flattery is applied.

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While meeting people via the dating websites or social networks, keep an eye out for the following 10 common scammer behaviors and report them right away.

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